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May 19, 2010



Mmmm, what a luscious & full post. I spent today walking around to my roses & guiding rain water from their blossoms into my palm so I could have a sip.


such a lovely post - you have so elegantly expressed the intricate relationships and discoveries, and the love, of seminar

Susan M

so beautiful to read this...i could smell everything in my mind as i read about it, especially those orange blossoms. one of my favorite things about the drive to yosemite. lying down with the plants is definitely why i feel drawn to this path. it's the interaction with the devas that feeds me most.

Herbis Orbis

@eve Watch out -- some plants, when dew or rain is sipped from their petals or leaves (lupine in fact is famous for this), will open the door to faerie :)

Herbis Orbis

Sallie, I enjoyed being around you at the seminar... so much more fulfilling to see, hear, touch a person than our usual interaction on the student forum!

Herbis Orbis

@susanm I think that's one of the reasons we resonate together so well. Maybe next year we can do some botanical lying-about :)


Wonderfully expressed! You perfectly captured the beauty and magic we all experienced.


Does the seed worry that it might not reach it's full potential? ...so why do we???

Herbis Orbis

@Terrie How great it was to hear you talk about your special focus with local herbs! I'm going to make that liniment this summer :)

@Tom You got it. Glad to be tamped down next to you.


What a great post! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Anne Salazar Dunbar

Lovely writing! Poetic.

SO glad you are continuing to thrive in the EW environs!


Herbis Orbis

Anne! What a lovely surprise! The sweetness of this particular week was unexpected. So glad to see you here.

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