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March 17, 2009



I want to reply at length! Soon!


oh fun! only in the past year have i had plants coming to me in dreams. first it was lady bergamot (the native species). i'm still not sure of her meaning. an acceptance of myself as i age, perhaps.

and then asparagus, which with research & discussion led me to the realization that i needed vitamin k.

and then there is my apple tree in the backyard. she is like my heart, or with my heart, she blooms & shines. i love her.

Richard Reeve

She appeared in a dream, telling me her name was Columbine Dross...


Similar to the thought of the daemon or genius is the muse, right? My friend was talking to me the other day about how he envisioned woman as being muse to man. Not a new concept certainly, but so refreshing after feeling like women are basically shrouded and shaved; or painted, or somehow cobbled into forms unfit for humankind.

I loved Eat Pray Love. I LOVED it. I laughed and laughed, I cried; and yes, her book was a gift from another place, one of those lucky gifts, given to humankind from another place, through Elizabeth Gilbert, and she should NOT be held responsible, except for her part, of showing up for work. I know that function; I've been chased by poems, I've pulled them back by their tails out of the air and written them down backwards, no kidding, and can say emphatically that "It" will wake you in the night and bid you write in the dark on paper you cannot see words that make you laugh in the morning light.

Last summer my muse was the rose bush Hansa, who showered me with rose petals and made me drink gallons of rose water. I could not live without rose-infused water. She was healing my heart. I think she was planting too. But I have no idea what will sprout.

I've been asking for dreams and visions, instead of the hunka punka nonsense that I usually seem to be swallowed by in my sleep.

But of course, if it's poetry, or music, or prose, or homework, or weeding, or touching people's pain, that's what it will be.

brandon gilbert

brilliant and timely post!

i would love to interview you on this topic.

please email me if you're interested.

talk soon,


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